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    Cyber Staffing & Payroll Services can provide professional payroll services for any industry.
    • Medical Practice
    • Oil & Gas
    • Legal Practice
    • Hospitality
    • Industrial
    • Administrative
    • Offshore & Drilling
    • Deep Water
    • Financial Services
    • Pharmacy
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    Call Jennifer Wise for your complete payroll analysis. 832-799-1776

About Us

Why Use an Employer of Record?

  • Streamline the management of your temporary, hourly, and contract staff
  • Eliminate co-employment and 1099 misclassification risks
  • Match your labor costs to work requirements
  • Drastically reduce HR costs

What Makes Cyber Staffing Unique

  • We offer a generous benefits package: health, dental, vision, 401(k), FSAs
  • We provide mobile and online timecard entry and approval for lighting fast payroll
  • Our local service team is trained to onboard, transition and support employees
  • We provide custom invoicing and reporting

Employer of Record Services

  • Reduces risk exposure to your organization (co-employment liabilities, worker misclassification)
  • Provides cost savings advantages
  • Leverages talent within your own network
  • Can reduce cycle time to hire for known resources through our automated online enrollment and automated employment screening
  • Talent search functionality lets you search and redeploy “repeat performers” across your enterprise to improve productivity. As the Employer of Record, we not only take on the responsibility of unemployment insurance and all costs associated with issuing checks, we also ensure compliance with constantly changing government regulations. With the ever increasing enforcement efforts of the IRS and Labor Board, compliance can be a real challenge.
  • We are experts in compliance and using our Employer of Record services shifts the risk from our customers to Cyber Staffing.